Black Latino Pride!

February 19, 2014 10:41 pm

Whadup SLUMMY ?!!!! Hope y’all are havin a kick ass FUGGIN DAY !!! Here’s a stop motion “LYRIC VIDEO” shot by homie @ounzezilla .. And words written by the one and only RACE @nathanbrown77 … Thanx to the crew at Interscope and @shadyrecords for editing all 500 plus photos … This is BOX CHEVY 5. Off my Album LOVESTORY … http://youtu.be/TReVS2OZSVw


Whadup SLUMMY ?!!!! Hope y’all are havin a kick ass FUGGIN DAY !!! Here’s a stop motion “LYRIC VIDEO” shot by homie @ounzezilla .. And words written by the one and only RACE @nathanbrown77 … Thanx to the crew at Interscope and @shadyrecords for editing all 500 plus photos … This is BOX CHEVY 5. Off my Album LOVESTORY … http://youtu.be/TReVS2OZSVw

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I serious hate all those post on FB Lately talking about ” My Wife says if i get 1 million LIKES than I can have a puppy”. Or whatever the fuck they’re trying to get. 

I serious hate all those post on FB Lately talking about ” My Wife says if i get 1 million LIKES than I can have a puppy”. Or whatever the fuck they’re trying to get. 

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Shout out to Them Freshmen on Instagram straight flexin!!!! - Trinidad James

Shout out to Them Freshmen on Instagram straight flexin!!!! - Trinidad James

January 13, 2013 3:57 am


Im going to tell the truth and,

nothing but the truth so please help me god,

I stood out like a sore thumb,

both sides of my family I was considered odd,

I cant act my nationalities even,

If somebody took a gun and threaten to pull it,

You would have to call 911,

Because this boy would die from that bullet,

Like Disney’s Hannah Montana ,

I still get the best of both worlds that’s for sure,

U.S.A and Panama,

Let me take you motherfuckers on a grand tour,

A place between Costa Rica,

and Cocaine Capital of the world called Colombia,

Welcome to The P.T.Y 507.

no other than The infamous Republica de Panama,

I raise a black fist for,

My father and his hometown called Chi-Town,

Murder Capital U.S.A,

Folk and People nation is how niggas get down,

My parents came from poverty,

Sometimes all I can really say is got dang,

But I’m proud of my roots,

So this  Black Latino boy cant complain,

I have these multiple personas,

like Birth Defects gave me several different brains,

That’s why every time I write,

Its like I move in different areas and domains,

Im spilling this black ink,

writing about happy or sad stuff for whatever reasons,

I do this shit all year around,

as the planet earth switches into different seasons,

Before It was this notebook,

It was just me and a sharp utility razor blade,

that changed when I picked up,

a college rule with a pencil and found a better way,

along the same time that’s when,

I found a bama rapper by the name of Catfish Billy,

These 2 things went together,

better than cheese topped on a bowl of hot Chili,

I dont know what it was about,

These couple things inside that just inspired me,

Once I put them together,

in my life after than the rest of this was history,

I grew up an underdog,

all the time I was always talked about or Bullied,

Rejection from pretty girls,

led me to keep my real emotions deeply buried,

Trouble maker in school while,

I used to steal the merchandise inside of Walmart,

I’m talking thousands of dollars,

More than what people have inside a shopping cart,

Until I got busted by the,

M.P’s inside the B.X at Osan Airforce Base,

my dad picked me up from Jail,

i swear  he was gonna catch a damn case,

Sometimes I write about hoes,

Because i been in contact with the real “Hoes”,

But that’s the old Antonio

I been down that road before so I been chose,

I won many life battles,

But at the same time I admit i lost quite a few,

that’s why my writings itself,

are huge reflections of what I been through,

My whole life I been around,

Those F-15 planes and the military Humvees,

My mom used to cry at night,

While my dad was fighting terrorism overseas,

If you open up my vivid mind,

The rhymes of mass Destruction are store there,

Im like a lyrical Terrorist,

Watch out Im not afraid to bring that warfare,

Basically what Im saying,

I really seriously don’t give a single flying duck,

duck season for my haters,

Guess I have to wish them all the best of luck,

you can say what you will,

Open up your mouth and say what you like,

But don’t ignore what I’m about,

By the time you finish reading this tonight

3:50 am

Gangster of Love

Okay all you boys and girl here,

I Want everybody here to really listen up,

I’m going say a several things,

rather you like or not I don’t give a fuck,

Just look at people who pretend,

like they know it all about every relationship,

But when they get in one,

their shit hits rock bottom like a sinking ship,

boys and girls fuck around,

and are surprise when their asses get single,

That’s why little girls get prego,

And guys take a piss and feel a burning tingle,

Everybody wants a relationship,

But nobody wants to put in any kind of effort,

So when will you find the one?,

That’s a easy question answer is fucking never,

Its impossible to love someone,

feeling tempted to mess with another person,

You cant solve problems by,

yelling at each other throats and always Cursing,

Trust is important too people,

You cant always act suspicious with Paranoia,

Domestic Violence is not funny,

Unless your names are Chris Brown or Rihanna,

so your ready to settle down?,

well its important to know what your looking for,

want to fuck like a horny rabbit,

than continue to party hard like its Jersey Shore,

Players needs to stick to sluts,

And leave all those beautiful loyal girls alone,

The same goes for slutty girls,

fuck with a player if your feeling thirsty to bone,

people fuck up what others build,

Because they’re jelly and want what they cant have,

When players and whores come in,

the picture somebody’s heart will get ripped in half,

some guys need to be smart,

enough to leave these disgusting ass girls alone,

That don’t mean flirt on the D.L.

And have them blowing up messages on your phone,

While Ladies say Amen to this,

Half of them cheat and always mess with another guy,

get upset when called whores,

And have the audacity to cry and wonder why,

Talking about don’t talk to me,

If you don’t have a good paying job and nice car,

well where’s your car and job?,

Tell me bitch who the hell do you think you are?

Rather your straight or gay,

Any person can decide to play your ass like a joke

If its not about the money,

Than tell me why these gold diggers leave us broke,

Not all guys can be a hubby,

and not all girls can be considered a wifey,

odds of finding one while young,

The chances are slim or you have to be really lucky

Damn Antonio your pretty harsh,

Can you take it easy on these folks just a little bit,

Fuck sugar coating society,

I cant find it in my heart to give a single shit

Its hard to believe in love when,

Everything is different and no longer old fashion ,

People can talk all they want but,

I start believing them once I see their actions,

I cant tell girls how to love,

But for that special one bet her ass I can show it,

I may be a strange guy,

But I don’t have any problem staying committed,

I don’t believe everything I hear,

Especially stuff  that comes from a dumb slut’s mouth,

I’m a hopeless romantic inside,

But it seriously takes a lot to bring that side out,

That’s why I disguise myself,

And Sometimes come across for some asshole,

But my past did this to me,

That’s the only thing you guys need to know,

There’s no humor to this,

I’m not trying to be funny do you see me grinning?

If a girl has the pool of love,

Than I got the trust baby girl lets go swimming,

before some people talk love,

educated yourself more along with some practices,

And Shut the fuck up with,

All these dumb ass retarded Facebook Statuses,


January 8, 2013 11:58 pm

Random Verse 8

sometimes I feel so strange,

when I write I go B.A.N.A.N.A.S,

going ape shit Donkey Kong,

Like I wanna pound hard on my chest,

Im a little on the weird side,

I use to take that A.D.H.D Medicine ,

But I’m so lyrically inventive,

Im a Black Latino Tomas Edison,

Growing up as young kid,

I was always up to some business,

That’s why mom called me,

Her little handsome Dennis The Menace,

Look at me now people,

I still rock snapbacks like its the 90’s,

Still have a nice smile,

That still attracts all kinds of hotties,

Let me start off by,

Just making this one thing clear,

I cant stand ignorant punks,

I simply tell them to kiss this rear,

Tell them like a racist hick,

their kind aint welcomed around here,

Jack better hit that road,

Before I make his ass disappear,

Haters are gonna hate,

That’s why I look at them like a joke,

Unless they cross the line,

Than they’re just asking to get choked,

They keep talking while their,

girls challenge me to a sex Marathon,

They better come get them,

Before their hands reach for my python,

in this mighty jungle,

Like a Tarzan Im just feeling so humble,

all I need is my Jane,

I want her to come already on the double,

Some try to imitate me like,

a stupid annoying persistent parakeet,

Polly wants a cracker?

instead he can eat my ass for a treat,

Damn Antonio your crazy,

How the hell did you even get this way?,

it all started being born,

I’ been doing me ever since that day,

I stay so Slumerican,

with a personality that make you so jelly ,

Its nauseating as hell so,

here’s a paper bag to empty your belly,

Since your sick I guess,

You cant smell what Im really cooking,

I call it fresh fried charm,

With a side of some Lyrical Ass whooping,

People arnt ready for war,

No preparation for what I have in stored,

I’m already spilling gatorade,

Before I come and make my final score

January 6, 2013 11:38 pm

Random Verse 7

Hey everybody guess what,

Slumerican Tony is coming to save the day

Rescuing hip hop and poetry,

I’m will make motherfuckers say hooray,

Dont know what else to say,

Besides the fact that I’m a fucking boss,

I’m a bad boy in society,

With intentions to get good points across,

Im married to my notebook,

No matter what for better or for worst,

From the 3rd world countries,

All the way to the second and the first,

Im going to spread like a flu,

Making Slumerican a huge global pandemic,

No protection from this,

Everyone and their mom is gonna get sick,

Using my dope rhymes,

to get my messages across the public

embracing my American ways,

With Latino roots from Panama’s Republic,

When I make my way in,

Better believe my ass is coming in hot,

No hesitation to show

When I put ignorant ass fucks on the spot,

heavyweights step aside,

as the lightweight makes his entrance,

take a last look at your title,

Because its going to be gone in a glance,

Im so hot that Satan,

gave me the keys to the Infamous hell,

But I’m gave them back,

Because Im just too much of a bombshell ,

I simply use my humor,

So i can turn every frown upside down,

I Keep scoring every time Like,

Rolltide or War eagle making a touchdown,

My complex mentality makes,

Your head spin like after a bottle of brown,

Im the king of Personality,

So niggas go head and pass my crown

8:53 pm

Catfish Billy

I was only 17 years old when,

I picked up my first Yelawolf C.D,

Ever since Trunk Muzik its like,

this shit here became a disease,

I soon discovered creekwater,

then the Ballad of Slick Ricky Bobby,

Writing and rapping like him,

Was starting to become my daily hobby,

After finding the album stereo,

I found myself addicted to his music,

Something like a bad drug,

The more I had it the more I abused it,

I felt I could related from,

every one of his life stories he tells,

I was living in Bama too,

So I knew how the South rolls as well,

rapping along to every song,

Without even making a single mistake,

I do it almost everyday,

To me its nothing but a piece of cake,

I buy most of his music,

from every paycheck when I get paid,

If I dont have the dough,

Than i chose to get it the illegal way,

i do whatever I have to do,

Just so I could listen and be happy,

Because without it here,

My days always seemed to be crappy,

Some think I kiss his ass,

People may think I’m riding his cock,

In my opinion there hasn’t,

Been a rapper this cold since Tupac,

telling me not listen to him,

Is like meth addicts outside of a meth lab,

I just keep coming for more,

Don’t you dare tell me to go to rehab,


This one if for my biggest Icon,

My roll model coming from the gutter,

Crimson Tide Representing,

Alabama’s own crazy motherfucker,

riding in classic Chevy Caprices,

with 12 gauge shottys up in the trunk,

He has country redneck ways,

so don’t underestimate him for a punk,

got more ink inside him,

than the pages of a tattoo Magazine,

Killing these other rappers,

Like this shit is just his daily routine,

Commander in chief of Slumerica,

He stays spitting the freestyles for days,

People listen to him once,

and all of sudden become so amazed,

Haters always on his dick,

Like some boxers from fruit of the loom,

Dare to challenge Catfish Billy?,

 your career will get sent to it’s tomb,

This is my tribute to him,

Slumerican Tony repping the Wolfpack,

Slumerican all day everyday,

Haters eat a dick cuz you don’t know jack,


Over these pass 4 years,

All I ever wanted to was to be you,

I’m attached to your music,

Like elbow macaroni with Elmer’s glue,

I dress like you from my hat,

All the way down to my skate shoes,

Button flannel long sleeves,

All I’m missing is the million tattoos,

I would get those soon,

Once my money is right and settle,

The only tattoo I have,

are my flags I’m a Black Latino rebel,

I went around Millbrook,AL.

telling homies at stanhope all about you,

Its crazy your from Alabama,

and not everybody has heard of you,

I spread the word out and,

Some just act like you were whack,

They rather listen to music,

that always talk about selling crack,

Or about nasty ass hoes,

Or vehicles riding on 24 inch chrome,

or about being gangsters,

in the hood receiving a drug income,

You make other rappers,

seem like they’re all a bunch of trash,

All these one hit wonders,

Make a single and disappear in a flash,

Unlike other rappers your ,

Experimenting and deeply love your fans,

Your never too busy not,

to Include your family in your plans,

I practice every day and night,

Trying my best to be just like you,

But its fucking impossible,

it doesn’t matter what the hell I do,

During hard times in life,

Your music always helped me get through,

People don’t understand,

Its like nobody can grasp the damn clue,

So I just say fuck it,

And keep on going with this bic pen,

Keep doing your thing man,

Always and forever I’m repping Slumerican,